“Somewhere on the edge of the map” as goes a song about Zamość by Marek Grechuta.

“The ideal city”, “the pearl of Renaissance”, “Padua of the North” – all these terms are owed to Italian architect Bernardo Morando, who designed the city from scratch at the request of Polish magnate Jan Zamoyski. Named after him, Zamość is an outstanding achievement of Renaissance architecture, with the one of the most magnificent urban establishments in Europe. 

Tourists enter the beautiful Old Town, where most of the buildings are Renaissance townhouses spanned with arcades. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is surrounded by remains of a defensive fortress, which served as a military protection of the city. In the vicinity of the Old Town are historical monuments like the Zamoyski Palace and the Rotunda – commemoration of the victims of World War II in Zamość. Further out, you can relax in a beautiful park, visit an interesting zoo and art galleries.

In the Old Town, numerous restaurants and cafes invite to centuries-old cellars and gardens, and in the summer, the Main Market transforms into an art salon, where theatrical performances and concerts take place.
The city is exceptionally friendly to tourists. All major monuments are located within the walls of the fortress, which makes it perfectly walkable.
 For lovers of wild nature, it is a great base for Roztocze.

Zamość is a “perfect city” to slow down and relax.

Come and feel welcome.