Roztocze is a picturesque, hilly region stretching from Kraśnik to Lviv. Undulating hills are crossed by fields, forests and numerous ravines, streams and springs. It is one of the few places in Poland so little marked by modern civilization.

Due to natural uniqueness of the region, the Roztoczański National Park, numerous landscape protection areas and nature reserves were established. You can see the wonders of the river on your way: rocky waterfalls, deep mysterious forests, monumental trees, wooden architecture of the countryside and original cultural monuments. For enthusiasts of active life, hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails, bike routes, and kayaking spots can be found in the most beautiful parts of Roztocze Valley. Experience the sound of rushing streams, singing birds and the scent of pine and fir woods. It is a great relief for all those tired of urban life.

Roztocze is not just about nature …

It is also its cultural diversity, folk traditions and healthy local food with ecological products straightfrom fertile fields and gardens that attract visitors. Interesting historical monuments are to be admired in the towns of Zwierzyniec, Krasnobród or Zamość – a Renaissance gem from the UNESCO Heritage list.
In Roztocze time runs slowly – even a short stay will make us feel relaxed and full of energy to act.

Feel welcome