About us

My name is Joanna, I was born in the Zamość region and from the earliest years I spent my leisure time in Roztocze. I like to lead an active life and raise the bar for myself in travelling and discovering the unknown, doing something in line with my beliefs.

Active in Nature is an initiative born of passion for traveling and spending time in nature. Cycling, hiking or practicing yoga in nature can give us enormous energy, joy and happiness, incomparable to those we experience every day. We are convinced that the best way to realise is to go outdoors, travel in a relaxed atmosphere and small groups to interesting places free of crowds, with unconventional ideas, often in tramping style.

Our trips are: unforgettable adventure, authentic experience, learning new things and reinvigorating oneself through contact with nature. This is an opportunity to taste local cuisine in rural areas with eco-food in an agritourism farm.

The area of our expeditions will be the region of Zamojszczyzna and Roztocze, due to the natural
uniqueness of these areas. In the future we plan trips into other regions of Poland and abroad. Our trips are unlike organized group trips from a travel agency – we act as a travellers’ club and during the trip we decide together how to modify the itinerary. Our offer is created in a way so that anyone who likes spontaneity, who is flexible and open for adventure will find something for themselves.

Ready for new experience? Join us!