About us

My name is Joanna, I was born in the Zamość region and from the earliest years I spent my leisure time in Roztocze. I like to lead an active life and raise the bar for myself in travelling and discovering the unknown, doing something in line with my beliefs.

Active in Nature is an initiative born of passion for traveling and spending time in nature. Cycling, hiking or practicing yoga in nature can give us enormous energy, joy and happiness, incomparable to those we experience every day. We are convinced that the best way to realise is to go outdoors, travel in a relaxed atmosphere and small groups to interesting places free of crowds, with unconventional ideas, often in tramping style.


“The ideal city”, “the pearl of Renaissance”, “Padua of the North” – all these terms are owed to Italian architect Bernardo Morando, who designed the city from scratch at the request of Polish magnate Jan Zamoyski. Named after him, Zamość is an outstanding achievement of Renaissance architecture, with the one of the most magnificent urban establishments in Europe.


Roztocze is a picturesque, hilly region stretching from Kraśnik to Lviv. Undulating hills are crossed by fields, forests and numerous ravines, streams and springs. It is one of the few places in Poland so little marked by modern civilization. Due to natural uniqueness of the region, the Roztoczański National Park, numerous landscape protection areas and nature reserves were established.


Aktywne weekendy

Zrelaksuj się spędzając aktywnie weekend na rowerze, w kajaku
lub na wędrówkach.

Wyjazdy dłuższe

Oddaj się przyjemnościom i
wyzwaniom podróży, przekonując się o swoich możliwościach.

Projektowanie podróży

Pdróżuj w własnym stylu,
tak jak lubisz.
Zaprojektuj swój wyjazd.


Znajdź czas dla ciała,ducha,umysłu
i osiągnij harmonię.


Stay active in winter!

Can`t wait for the winter? Snow down sneering under the boots and gently twisting frost? We too! For us, white winter is a time to enjoy all outdoor activities from hiking and sleigh rides in the beautiful wooded hills to skiing. That’s why we have now prepared...

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Don’t let Chandra, take care of yourself

Polish gold autumn are already behind us, temporarily behind the windows of rains, strong winds and gloomy moods.
But we have a way to survive this time and take care of the body and well-being.
We have prepared for you workshops with autoimmune renewal, which will...

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